Samsung galaxy s3 hardware solutions

Hi Doug. Have you tried rebooting your phone completely? This includes removing the battery and letting it rest for a couple of minutes so as to refresh the firmware. There is a possibility that your Screen Timeout feature was not properly setup. Make sure that the timeout was set appropriately. Try it again with the power button and see if the screen shuts off. If the issue still persists, it is most likely that an app or multiple apps is causing this.

Galaxy S3: Common Problems Users Have, and How to Fix Them | Digital Trends

Specifically, the Wakelock holding apps. This application displays Wakelock usage statistics across all applications.

Samsung S3 charging solution!!Samsung S3 Neo GT- i9300 battery disconnected solution.

Try installing this from the Google Play Store and see if it fixes the issue. A majority of users who had the same mishap as yours found this app very helpful. It resolved their screen issues completely. Hope this works for you too. Hi there! I have a S3 GT-i that comes on but the screen is blank.

It starts with the screen losing color or brightness but on odd times when it does come on, the screen would turn out pink. Sometimes the original screen comes on half way but is faded. Please help. Hi Eva. When did this issue start to occur? Did something happen to your phone prior to this?

A blank or pink screen can be caused by a water or physical damage. If your phone has been submerged in water or have been dropped on a hard floor, it will result to a faulty LCD. It is best to bring the phone to a repair shop and have the LCD replaced. If you or someone you know encounters a problem with your device, let us know. Plus can not send or recieve mms messages. There are ways to unlock the phone but most of them are paid. Also try going into settings-mobile data make sure its on. All other font sizes email etc not affected.

I have an s3 which is approximately 14months old and has resentley developed a problem. Since I did the most recent software update my phone turns my ringer on after a call and it keeps giving me download notification for stuff I downloaded a long time ago and have already deleted. My S3 phone icon showes that I have 1 message even though I have deleted all my messages.

How to Solve the Common Samsung Galaxy S3 Problems

I have checked out and cleared all notifications, removed my SIM card and battery. Please tell me what I need to do to remove it. Or is it also a hardware problem. I have my phone for nearly one and a half years now, no problems until today when there was a phone update required. Did follow the necessary instructions the phone switched off automatically and then switched on but now its completely frozen. No internet connection and all apps have now stopped working. Also the phone batteries drained completely.

Tried wait thing it off and removing the batteries and restarted against. But still no luck. Can anyone help please?

How to fix Galaxy S3 Wi-Fi problems

I been trying so hard to change my email address from my Samsung s, 3, mini. I made a few mistakes with words and I like, stuck. I tried to change it but everytime I am hitting a brick wall. First thing I did was using the same mini Sim card that I used on other phones for many years; Since it worked on last 3 regular cell phones with no problem. After intensive search on the internet with some suggestions such as set Network mode to GSM only etc.

At one time, I almost wanted to return my phone to Amazon. But I gave it one more try but go to T-Mobile and tell them to transfer my number to a newer sim. T-mobile store may give you a sim for free of charge, but since I have three newer sim card that I never used before.

They just transfer my number to one of my sim card in less than a minute for free. I hope this post will help some other galaxy s3 mini user. My s3 through at t randomly stopped receiving texts from two contacts. I can send texts but not receive.. I can receive and send texts to everyone but those two contacts???

Help please.

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Galaxy s3 are junk,would not recommend,the battery life is too short,as well. Please can you help me. Many thanks. Whenever I make calls on the s3, the speaker sounds really tinny, and the sound breaks up until I cannot hear anything at all. The technical support rep I spoke to suggested that the case may be causing the problem… is that common?

A Guide to Fix Three Most Common Audio Problems on Samsung Galaxy S3 [Hardware Solution available]

My phone keeps changing its number by itself and this has happened to my three times and I just got it three days ago. Can someone tell me whats wrong? I had same problem with my loving and fucking cell, just go to the settings and block auto rotation and your cell will b fine. My S3 is Just 3 months used, Now from tomorrow it is just not accepting Sim, then i restarted it.

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What is wrong with it? Hi i have my galaxy s3 for 2 month already and few days ago it gave me a problem. Thank you very much. Wat to do if Samsung galaxy s3 just is not responding at all just bought new battery and the new actual charger it came with and everything im all out of things to do!!! Samsung galaxy S III freezing. Have to pull battery. Phone is not muted. Checked all possible scenarios. From time to time, my S3 oveheats a lot, and even crash the SD card content. To stop this overheating I believe to have found solution: Has anyone another solution? My s3 is not opening the apps menu from a while.

My S3 internet wont work, like yesterday i had the 4g symbol and when my phone died and i charged my phone it dispeared and i cant surf the web or go on you tube. Please Help.

The battery indicator is showing charging but the percentage continues to drop. Samsungs not androids are notorious for WIFI issues. Not a happy customer right here, just complained to Samsung directly. For the call freezing its simple Go to more setting and switch the network mode to gsm wcdma or gsm only And the problem will be resolved instantly. Hi My S3 is drooping its signal suddenly after every call and regaining its signal back ,im seeing it recently previous there were no issues and wifi is on automaticlly even i switch it off it ons , i havent found conection optimizer option in my mobile i have taken mobile from singapore.

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