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For devices that are properly compatible, device manufacturers can seek approval to use the Android trademark. Devices that aren't compatible are merely derived from the Android source code and may not use the Android trademark. In other words, compatibility is a prerequisite to participate in the Android apps ecosystem. Anyone is welcome to use the Android source code. But if the device isn't compatible, it isn't considered part of the Android ecosystem.

Device manufacturers with Android-compatible devices may seek to license the Google Play client software. Licensed devices become part of the Android app ecosystem, enabling their users to download developers' apps from a catalog shared by all compatible devices. Licensing isn't available to incompatible devices. Android software can be ported to many different devices, including some on which third-party apps won't run properly. For example, though the Android source code could be ported to run on a phone that doesn't have a camera, the CDD requires all phones to have a camera.

This allows developers to rely on a consistent set of capabilities when writing their apps. The CDD continues to evolve to reflect market realities. For instance, version 1. But version 2. As we make these changes, we'll also augment Google Play to allow developers to retain control over where their apps are available. To continue the telephony example, an app that manages SMS text messages isn't useful on a media player, so Google Play allows the developer to restrict that app exclusively to phone devices. Access isn't automatic. Google Play is a service operated by Google. Achieving compatibility is a prerequisite for obtaining access to the Google Play software and branding.

After a device is qualified as an Android-compatible device , the device manufacturer should complete the contact form included in licensing Google Mobile Services to seek access to Google Play. We'll be in contact if we can help you. Google Play is only licensed to handset manufacturers shipping devices.

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For questions about specific cases, contact android-partnerships google. Contact android-partnerships google. The Android Compatibility Program is optional. The Android source code is open, so anyone can use it to build any kind of device. However, if manufacturers wish to use the Android name with their products, or want access to Google Play, they must first demonstrate that their devices are compatible. There's no cost to obtain Android compatibility for a device.

The Compatibility Test Suite is open source and available to anyone for device testing. The process is automated. The Compatibility Test Suite generates a report that can be provided to Google to verify compatibility. Eventually we intend to provide self-service tools to upload these reports to a public database. Google is responsible for the overall direction of Android as a platform and product, so Google maintains the Compatibility Definition Document CDD for each release.

Android's code is open source, so we can't prevent someone from using an old version to launch a device.

Instead, Google chooses not to license the Google Play client software for use on versions that are considered obsolete. This allows anyone to continue to ship old versions of Android, but those devices won't use the Android name and exist outside of the Android apps ecosystem, just as if they weren't compatible.

The Android Compatibility Program determines whether a device can run third-party applications. The user interface components shipped with a device such as home screen, dialer, and color scheme don't generally have much effect on third-party apps. As such, device builders are free to customize the user interface.

The Compatibility Definition Document restricts the degree to which OEMs may alter the system user interface for areas that impact third-party apps. Our goal is to release a new version of the Android Compatibility Definition Document CDD when the corresponding Android platform version has converged enough to permit it.

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While we can't release a final draft of a CDD for an Android software version before the first flagship device ships with that software, final CDDs are always released after the first device. However, wherever practical we release draft versions of CDDs. There is no validation process for Android device compatibility. However, if the device is to include Google Play, Google typically validates the device for compatibility before agreeing to license the Google Play client software.

Typically, Google's relationships with Google Play licensees allow us to ask the deveice manufacturer to release updated system images that fix the problems. The Compatibility Test Suite is a tool used by device manufacturers to help ensure that their devices are compatible, and to report test results for validations. The CTS is intended to be run frequently by OEMs throughout the engineering process to catch compatibility issues early.

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It also tests other non-API system behaviors such as application lifecycle and performance. While not currently implemented, Google intends to provide web-based self-service tools for OEMs to publish CTS reports so that anyone can view them. Manufacturers can share CTS reports with as wide an audience as they like. Yes, please! In fact, improving the coverage and quality of the CTS test cases is one of the best ways to help Android.

The Compatibility Definition Document requires that compatible devices implement the adb debugging utility. This means that any compatible device including those available at retail must be able to run the CTS tests. Content and code samples on this page are subject to the licenses described in the Content License. Flag as inappropriate.

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