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How to get Live Photos on older devices for iOS 10 - iOS 10.3.3

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How To Set A Different Wallpaper For The Lock Screen And Home Screen In Android 7.0

You can take a look at our Github for some projects we've open sourced. Can someone make an iOS 10 compatible tweak that auto plays a live photo if it's set as a wallpaper?

iOS Hacker

Step 2: Once the download is complete, you will be able to see the package in the Offline tab. Simply tap the file once, followed by the Share button appearing on the top right corner. From the Share Sheet, select Copy to iFile.

How to Install Animated Wallpapers in iOS 9.3.3 – any Jailbroken device

Step 3: This will begin installing the wallpapers, which should not take more than a second or two. Once installed, hit the Done button. The tweak has been known to work on the iPhone 5 and 5s as well. Do let us know how the tweak has fared for you in the comments section below.

Subscribe to our RSS Feed! Installation failed with result code at the end. Any suggestions?

Worked on iphone 5S iOS 9. Hopefully they come out with a fix.

Best Cydia Tweaks: The Complete Top List

Otherwise if it is moving all the time it will waste a lot of battery. It is the same on the iphone 6s. I am running iOS 9. RP on. By Paul Morris October 21st, Follow Us On Facebook. Rey Arnold Gran.

LiveWallpaper Allows You To Set Scrolling or Animated Wallpaper on iPhone Home Screen

Works on an iPhone 5 iOS 9. Jaime Pablo Gonzalez.

Works well with iOS 9. Sam Karwal. Tried it but no luck. It seems to be set on still afterwards every time.