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Those include software from Apple and Samsung, the world's two biggest smartphone makers, that haven't actually existed on their devices for years. A look at what those apps could access may freak you out. Some of these so-called legacy apps required user data as varied as your friends' religions, relationship statuses and photos. Bet you didn't know you still had them. Even developers may not be aware their old apps are still hanging out on Facebook. Lucky for all of us, Apple and Samsung are used to securing user data and said they never actually kept the information on their servers.

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In Apple's case, it didn't even pull friend data to start with, aside from the list of who your friends were. In fact, neither company offers these kinds of Facebook apps anymore, and the ones that show up on your Facebook account are linked to devices that are several years old. One, from Samsung, goes back as far as feature phones and the days before Facebook even had a mobile app. Samsung's old Samsung Mobile app required access to 36 different types of information about you and your friends. The fact that they may remain in your account shows just how big of a mess Zuckerberg has to clean up.

Facebook is facing backlash about how poorly it's handled legacy apps -- failing to do even a basic level of housekeeping after promising in to restrict their access to your information. That's why the social networking titan is coping with one of the biggest crises in its year history. News broke last week that information from more than 50 million Facebook users was obtained without permission by Cambridge Analytica, a data analytics firm hired by the Trump campaign for the presidential election.

Personal info from about , users was originally collected in for a personality quiz app called "thisisyourdigitallife," designed by Aleksandr Kogan, a Cambridge University researcher.

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Because of how Facebook worked at the time, Kogan was able to access data from "tens of millions" of friends of those users and share the information with Cambridge Analytica, the Facebook chief executive said on Wednesday. Zuckerberg apologized to the social network's 2. He vowed to investigate all apps that had access to large amounts of information and "conduct a full audit of any app with suspicious activity.

He also said apps that haven't been used in three months will lose access to your data. And for all apps moving forward, Facebook plans to give third-party app developers only your name, profile photo and email address when you sign into apps via Facebook. In the case of Samsung, it released several apps over the years that linked its phones to Facebook. They went as far back as feature phones and devices that couldn't actually run a Facebook app.

Those smartphones were some of the most popular Samsung has ever made and helped it become the world's biggest phone vendor. Counterpoint Research analyst Neil Shah estimated that sales of the particular devices we mentioned together totaled million.

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One app, called Samsung Mobile, required permission for access to 36 pieces of information about you and your friends. That ranged from your timeline posts to your friends' photos and religious and political views. Another, the Galaxy S4 app, required far less information about your friends -- only their birthdays, status updates, events, photos and videos. Samsung said in a statement that it needed access to the data to make it easier for its customers to use Facebook to log in to certain now-defunct Samsung services, such as Samsung Social Hub , an inbox to group messages from all your different services -- emails, instant messages, texts and social media -- in one place.

It added that data received by the apps through the Facebook login system hasn't been transferred or stored outside the user's device without the user's permission. And it used the data only for its specific services, no other purposes, the company said. None of those services still exist, and the apps, while still showing up in Facebook user account settings like ours , have been discontinued. It's the same case with the Apple's iPhoto, Aperture and iMovie. The apps required access to certain friend information, such as your friends' relationships, birthdays and status updates, among other items.

At the time, Apple said it had a custom integration with Facebook to make it easy to share photos and videos to the social networking site from its iPhoto and Aperture photo editing and management programs. But Apple said it never accessed any of the data, aside from a user's friend list. The information was never sent to an Apple server or iCloud but was stored only on the user's device to make it easier to tag friends in photos, the company said.

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And Facebook didn't have access to all photos and videos on an iPhone or Mac, only the items a user shared on the social network. Apple stopped development on iPhoto and Aperture in in favor of its new Photos app. How do I install the Facebook app on my Samsung Galaxy device? Facebook is a large app and it may take a few minutes to install. Tap 'Apps' , then 'Facebook' to open. How do I turn notifications on or off for the Facebook app on my Samsung smartphone?

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