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Tell us about your experience with our site. MukundMunagekar Created on August 5, Dear Sir, I've purchased Lumia in the last month and since then I tried setup Office on this phone many times with 3G connectivity but every time, after logged in, I got 'Something's wrong We encountered a problem and couldn't complete this task' I tried setup on various network speeds but unable to resolve this issue. Please help.

How to Configure Office 365 for Windows Phone 8

Regards Mukund. I have the same question Viktorija L. It is now easy to read cells with lots of text on the small screen.

As you navigate and tap through more cells in the sheet, the new reading panel refreshes its content. The new full-screen reading mode in Word is a true delighter: Your controls automatically move out of the way as we put the content at center stage. Controls reappear by simply tapping on the document canvas. From there you can switch to outline view for quick navigation around the document, look for comments, or edit, save and share your document. Your cloud-connected document automatically resumes where you left off reading, no matter where you last viewed your document — on your PC, tablet or phone!

OneNote Mobile is now a separate app, always ready to capture your notes and ideas.

Introducing the new Office on Windows Phone 8

Just tap the new OneNote Tile and take quick text, photo, and voice notes. You also have instant access to the notes you have made on other devices, search for specific notes, and get around your notebooks easily. Even ink content and annotations made with pen on your tablet PC will render perfectly on your phone. OneNote Mobile accommodates both casual and advanced users. Users who just want to take simple notes on their phone, can use the Quick Notes starter experience.

Advanced users who already organize their notes in notebooks and sections will enjoy the new navigation fine-tuned for the small screen. One of the coolest new features is taking voice notes. Speech notes are added to the new Quick Notes section and contain audio playback alongside transcribed text. You can even dictate a note or reminder while the phone is locked, so your spontaneous thoughts are always captured. And of course, no app makes creating to-do lists easier than OneNote.

Creating a check box just takes a quick tap. We moved the icon from the middle to the left making it an even easier to hit target while typing. Select Product Version.

Set up mail on a Windows 8.1 or earlier phone

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Installing Office on Windows phone (Lumia ) - Microsoft Community

Is there a list of devices which are unable to migrate to Windows 10 Mobile? Are Lumia devices supported differently? What should Windows Phone 8.

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Will existing updates for Windows Phone 8. Will I still be able to recover my device image? Will my phone still work after July 11, ? How do I know if I have a Windows Phone 8. To see which Windows Phone operating system OS version is installed on your phone, do the following: In the App list, tap Settings.

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More info. The Software section indicates the general product name we use to describe the release for example, "Windows Phone 8. The OS version section indicates the specific build number of the release for example, "8. How do I get Windows 10 Mobile? There are two different ways to get Windows 10 Mobile: Buy a new phone.

Check out the select new devices running Windows 10 Mobile that are available now. Update your Windows Phone 8. Windows 10 Mobile is being made available to eligible smartphones running Windows Phone 8. Click here to see if the upgrade is available for your phone.

Not already installed? Download the Office apps:

Has support ended for all phones running Microsoft software? Commercial Business. Why is Microsoft ending support for Windows Phone 8.