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Great case for protecting my phone, has a nice feel and look and is ideal for your cards and money saving you having to carry around a wallet. Fantastic quick service! I love that this phone cover case, not only protects my phone, but also allows me to see the colour of the phone, which is a bonus. It fits on easily and and there is perfect alignment for the buttons, cameras and charging points etc.

Purchased for wife's new phone and she really likes it. Was a bit worried about the clip over but got used to it. I'm really happy with this phone case. It's brilliant for the price I paid which was just under 2. It's handy having the little wallet part on the side and easily folds down to sit on it's side hands free when watching videos etc.

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I'm pleasantly surprised and would defo reccomend it. Looks quality, feels good and is sturdy and well made.

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Happy customer ;-. Within 2 days of putting this case on, i dropped my phone on the concrete! The case took the full brunt of the impact, of course on the corner, it's always on the corner! I lifted up my phone fearing the worst and There is a slight graze on the case corner but i can live with that.

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Possibly the best case i've ever bought. I couldn't recommend it high enough. Only 14 left in stock - order soon. As mentioned in other reviews. Would have liked to have the rubber fit the phone a little tighter and thicker on the front to protect the screen.

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Other than that it works. She's already dropped it once on the face with out cracking the screen so. It works! Currently unavailable. And, I've gone through so many. This case not only met the description, but actually was even nicer when I actually for to use it.

The quality of the case far exceeded my expectations.

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Seams, pockets, fold, etc are all quality we should expect from all things we spend our hard earned dollars on. If I ever buy another case, I will definitely come back here. Arrival time was super fast. I will gladly confirm this as an honest review. Often we are shown the "paid for" or bribed reviews. Since I normally do not give reviews, especially long ones, this may appear as one of the faked reviews most of us ignore anymore. But, this review is truly sincere. See All Buying Options. Chandler Denver.

This Alpatronix unit has several advantages over competing units. First, It covers the entire smartphone instead of just the corners and thereby forms a tight seal around the phone. The phone doesn't feel like it is going to fall out of the case.

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Second, it allows for complete data transmission through the power port, not just recharging to the phone. Another brand required that the phone be physically removed from the case for data transfer between the phone and the computer to occur. Third, it is somewhat lighter in weight than competing units on the market. But the downside is and I can't figure out why that the power port on the bottom is "reversed" or "backwards" from that of the phone. This prevents it from fitting into a certain charging stand that I had selected for my phone.

In a workaround, I have This little case is very pretty and very functional! My Galaxy S8 feels secure in this case. The color is really pretty as well. It's a rugged case with a kick stand very handy when I'm on my dining table eating. The only thing I don't like is when kick stand is used it results in the volume keys being on the ground so you can increase or decrease volume through the physical volume keys. I bought this for my husband who has been extremely happy with it for the last few months, it is a little more bulky then I initially thought it would but it does a good job of protecting the phone and does not make the phone any harder to hold.

My husband complimented it's light weight quality and that he can easily use his wireless charger with the cover on. Samsung Galaxy Tab A6 Good quality product.

Right price. Good padding so when the pad is not damaged due to accidental drop. But it has a side effect. The cover increases the wait of the Galaxy A Pad. So it is bit difficult to hold it for a long time. Otherwise, the reason for choosing the cover only to protect the Galaxy Pad then it does the job perfectly.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A Arrived very quickly and fitted the tablet very well. Seems very well made and the camera lens is not in any way obscured. Just a perfect protective cover. Fits perfectly" - by Luke. Beautiful finish. Fits perfectly.

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So slim, not like the massive bulky ones.